• Speedevs posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hello Speedking community We hope you’re fine at the moment of reading our message. We want to first thank you for your continuous support, we can’t do without that. We have to first announce the steps we’ve completed so far;

    1. We have started our marketing campaign and have been endorsed by a crypto YouTuber,an influential comrade from Russia.

    2. We’re listed on pancake now.

    3. Our platform kingex is kicking and we’re on the process of getting permission from the govt to use our services in schools.

    Soon our company will be a registered fintech in Nigeria and we look forward to having you at that joyous moment. We might launch a public sale and add LP or plans might change but you’ll be updated soon. And we’re planning more partnership, stay tuned and thanks for reading.


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