• Speedevs posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Wow we have crossed 50 members thank you everyone ❤️

    • How do I submit my wallet?

    • Hi sorry it was my fault I provided the incorrect Wallet address I gave you my normal ETH one not my BSC one, so they are lost now which is an awful shame, but thanks for replying to me.  the address I should have used is 0x2d61D4386051F6C430748DB1f3769663d2Fb2248 but silly me i put the wrong one, hope the sites going well though 

      • Sir it still works just import it in smart chain it will show , just use the Trustwallet i told you and if you did not see our tokens make sure you manually import the address and thanks for your response , you are not silly Sir it is just part of life everyone make mistakes.

      • it is easy sir just trust me and do it

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